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CEO (Jusuf Sawirin)Mr. Jusuf Sawirin
CEO, Prasanthi Hotels and Resorts

Jusuf Sawirin, was born in Lampung. He was graduated from Hotel Management and Hotel Administration Institute (BPLP / STP) Nusa Dua Bali. He started his career in the hotel industry with Toraja Misiliana Hotel, TanaToraja, South Sulawesi, and for the past 28 years, he has been doing senior management jobs such as General Manager position in some hotels in Bali, and Business Development Directors for some international hotel chains.

In addition to his background, he was trained and employed by some international hotel chains such as Park Royal, Radisson, Aston International, Hyatt, Intercontinental as well as Best Western International. Mr. Sawirin also has extensive international travel expertise and relationships with leading wholesalers, tour operators and multinational account.

Mr. Sawirin''s main role and responsibilities in Prasanthi is developing the brand, managing the properties under the Prasanthi management all over Indonesia. His proven leadership, industry expertise and excellent business track record will give a great contribution to the operation of Prasanthi hotels.